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About Hodaya

Hodaya is a professional singer and a vocal coach.
She sings in several languages including Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, English, Moroccan and French.
Her repertoire includes songs ranging in many different genres.
She has studied music extensively including an A.A in music from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and graduated as an Outstanding student.
Hodaya has had international success and has performed throughout Europe, Israel and the United States. She was a contestant at 7 international competitions and TV shows.
Hodaya won many awards in competitions such as “Morskoy Uzel”,  "Charismas Talent League",  "Rzeszow Carpathia Festival" ,  etc.
One of the highlights of the career of Hodaya was winning the Princess award and 1st place in one of the biggest international competitions in Europe “Šlagerių festivals”.

The competition was broadcast on national television in Lithuania and viewed all over Europe.
Since returning to Los Angeles in October 2019, Hodaya has performed in many private and public events.
Hodaya won 1st place in the competition “Discovery festival” in Bulgaria in December 2020 with the song “Me Myself and I”. Some of the jury members were a part of the Eurovision song contest.



Hodaya is currently recording her album with Grammy-nominated Gemini Muziq who produced songs for the Jonas Brothers, Boyz to Men, Christina Milian Jackie Jackson, Shaq and Justin Bieber.

Her first single “Me Myself and I “ has been released in the spring of 2021.
Hodaya is working on her album with the award-winning Drew Lawrence who co-wrote the song

“Jar of Hearts” with Christina Perri. Jar of Hearts spent 31 weeks in the Top 40 and 48 weeks in the Top 75.  Hodaya also worked with Rob Kleiner ( Sia Vocal producer) on her new single.

Hodaya envisions herself on becoming an international performer who inspires the
joining of religions, socio-economics, and nationality to find a common bond by her

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