Hodia Ben Chimol, 26 Years old, was born and raised in Israel.
She sings R&B, Soul, Middle Eastern music, Jewish music, Spanish music and
pop in several different languages including Hebrew, Spanish and English.
Since she was 10 years old, Hodia joined a musical group in Modi’in, Israel.
When she was 12 years old, she performed with a musical group all over Israel in
front of ambassadors including the Prime Minister, the President and performed
in several national ceremonies. During that period, she started taking music
lessons with professional teachers including Igal Israeli who held a B.A in
musicology, composition and arrangements from Berklee College of Music in
When she was 16 years old, she was chosen to be the lead singer of an Israeli
rock band. She performed with the band from 2007-2009 on a variety of
platforms such as T.V. shows, concerts and national events with up to 50
thousand people. She also won the young bands competition. In 2007, she
performed on the national children’s T.V. channel. A year later, she competed in
“Kolot ve Tzlilim” (Voice and Sound in English) on national television.
At the same time, Hodia was chosen to perform alongside 10 singers in special
expedition of Keren Hayesod’s to Ecuador, South America in which they played
in front of Ambassadors from all over the world.
After that experience, Hodia continued to participate and won several
competitions in Israel. She was the winner of the competition, “The Singer of
Central Israel”. After that competition, she released her 1st single, “Farewell
Letter” and music video to the radio and music channels “She received lots of
success from the single.

In 2010, Hodia Joined the Israeli Army. Hodia was the lead manager of a musical
group and was nominated and awarded as an outstanding soldier. She
performed in ceremonies and volunteered in Independence Day and Memorial
Day for the soldiers and Holocaust Remembrance Day.
During her military services, she took songwriting and composing lessons with
Ohad Hitman. He is known for winning the 2015 Israeli theater award as a music
producer for the theater.

In 2013, she became a professional singer at Fattal Chain in Leonardo Hotels all
over Israel. She performed every day in front of the hotel audience and CEO’s
with a variety of songs. The musicals included Love Around the World and
Beautiful Israel in languages including Spanish, English and Hebrew.
In June 2016, Hodia represented Israel in an International competition for singers
from all over the world in Russia "The black sea- Морской узел" . She won the
2nd place from all participants and an honorable award for the best original song
and best performance.
After her win, she got an award from Haim Bibas the head of the Union of Local
Authorities in Israel and the Mayor of Modi'in Maccabim-Reut.
On July 2016, Hodia was invited to be interviewed on the National Israeli
Channel - Channel 1.
In 2016 she worked with the talented producer Moisey Gorbatyi and was the lead
vocalist for the soundtrack for the movie, "My Journey." and received many
acclaim from many musicians.
In 2017, Hodia taught at Hillel Hebrew Academy and integrated her musical
talent in conveying musical and moral content to the future generation including
music class.
In September 2017, Hodia was chosen to represent Israel in a big competition in
Estonia, called “Laagna Laul” where she won many awards for her professional
appearance and received a great score from the judge.
In September 2018, she established two representative choirs in Israel and
began to teach Music and conducting choirs in Amit educational district.
In May 2018, Hodia’s choir was chosen to perform in the national ceremony
marking the 70th anniversary of Israel on Mount Herzl. The performance was
broadcasted on all television channels in Israel alongside the esteemed producer
Ari Asner. Hodia has been marked by professionals as one of the top leading
singers and musicians.
In 2018 Hodia was chosen to perform in several big event such as the opening
performance for the most successful singer in Israel, Omer Adam at Airport City.

A performance as a guest singer at the annual “Birthright” Mega Event at the
International Convention Center in front of the Minister of Defense.
Moreover, Hodia was invited as a guest singer to the national competition for
young singers called “Million Voices Festival” and a performed at the event and
lectured a Master Class to competitors.
Hodia’s single "Jerusalem", which was written in English, Spanish, and Hebrew
was a huge success in the world. Additionally, it was played in the middle of a
special interview with the President of the State of Israel, Ruby Rivlin. The song
was broadcasted on radio stations such as Radio Jerusalem, Radio Kol Rega
and was broadcasted on the Television of the State of Israel.
After her huge success, Hodia is chosen to represent Israel in an international
competition in Poland called “Rzeszów Carpathia Festival” happening on May
2018 and with the performance of the song “Jerusalem” with a full Orchestra on
stage. This competition is one of the greatest contests for young singers
Hodia envisions herself on becoming an international performer who inspires
others with the love of music. She is currently working on her first full-length
album that includes songs in Hebrew, English and Spanish with a Middle Eastern
touch. Hodia is contracted with the Manager Ron Jones with a musical program
for performances.


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